Bovina, NY


“Over the years we've had some magical moments take place at our farm – not just as a couple, but with friends and large communities. We'd like to share it, so others can experience its beauty and make their own magic. It's a canvas limited only by the imagination.”

- David & Fred


Gather on the lawn


100 Acres for Perfect Events

Dinner for 40 of your closest friends? A wedding on the pier? An overnight campout for a work retreat? They've all been done here!

Our 1820's farmhouse, with nearly 100 acres of land, offers a lot of space to create something incredible. A sweeping lawn that extends to the pond and a magnificent view of the valley and surrounding hills. Our "Summer Shack" provides an indoor/outdoor area with fireplace, seating, and a deck. And the pond includes a small pier and adjoining fire pit -- the perfect place for cocktails or an after-dinner bonfire and sharing ghost stories.

Divided by old stone walls, the property includes dense woods, open fields, and several streams. There's also a secluded tent and fire pit in an upper field. And trails make for great hikes, birding, treasure hunts...

The property supports almost any activity you can imagine. 

The film below, Preserve and Gather (by Saveur) showcases An Autumn Dinner, hosted by And North at our farm.


a house with a history


Almost 200 years!

Originally known as "Brook Lawn," the farmhouse was built in the 1820's by James Coulter (1808-1898), son of Francis Coulter (1771-1846), one of Bovina's earliest settlers.

Mention the house in town, and almost everyone has a story to tell. Maybe they knew one of the families that used to own the farm. Or perhaps they were part of the volunteer fire brigade that put out the early-morning fire which destroyed roof and almost took down the house.

No longer an active farm, the property has been used more recently as a location for movie and photo shoots. The movies Another Earth and We Are What We Are used the house's exterior and interior, as well as the surrounding lands. Photographers David Armstrong, Nan Goldin, and Ryan McGinley and have all used the property as a location for their work. 

This film, from Nowness, captures the location's spirit in 2008.

Real Life, Lived Here


Lots of the everyday, too.

This is more than a location for events – it's our home, and we're here as often as we can. We love this area and the quality of life it enables. 

Every time we're here, we're surprised by something new. New flowers blooming, new fragrances, new wildlife, new vistas. Sometimes we barely leave the property, staying home to read and cook and nap and enjoy the peace. Other times we'll go explore the nearby shops, towns, trails, or local events.

And each week, of every season, the colors seem more intense than what we had the week before: greener in the summer, redder in the fall, whiter in the winter, and browner in the in-betweens.



A world away.

Drive just three-ish hours from New York City, to the Western Catskills, and you find yourself in another world: the sleepy town of Bovina, NY. You may not realize it right away, but this bucolic area of rolling hills and historic farms is also the epicenter of upstate cool.

Want to explore? Nearby there are one-of-a-kind shops, miles of winding country roads past century-old farms, farm stands, and amazing hikes. And we've got more top restaurants than an area this size deserves.

Need places for your guests to stay? There are numerous charming inns and fantastic Airbnb accommodations nearby.


Putting it together


Bit by bit...

Let us know how we can help make your special event come to life at our property.

The area supports everything you might possibly need. Local farmers, artisans and craftspeople can provide cheeses, meats, vegetables, beverages, flowers, linens and candles. Our local musicians can entertain your guests. Need a caterer or a photographer? We can help with those, too. 

If you have an event planner we can help connect you to any local resources you may need. 

Alternatively, you can work with our partners to create a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to your exact needs. They know our property inside and out and how to make it sing.

Brushland Eating House
Bovina's Brushland Eating House was listed by Condé Nest Traveler as one of the best restaurants in the world. They're always exploring new techniques and dishes that bring together ingredients from the surrounding land. 

Emma Tuccillo
Creative Director of And North. For event design, planning and management. Emma brings creativity, collaboration and a sense of community to everything she does.